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We create responsive, mobile-friendly web designs + MORE!

BRETT NATION left the Washington, DC area to find creative inspiration on the shores of North Carolina and he’s NOT so far away!

NATION DESIGN LLC provides you creative marketing and design solutions that work—responsive web design, digital media and web hosting—and we are surprisingly affordable, too.

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No Communication Limits

NATION DESIGN solves visual communication problems! 

NATION DESIGN provides professional, creative design and marketing services—we listen to your needs—and we understand tight [dead] lines.

BRETT NATION is ready and available to provide creative marketing and design services when you need timely, high-quality end results on demand!

Why do you need a mobile-friendly website?

Our society is becoming dependent on cell phones and mobile devices to find anything that you can imagine. Today, nearly two-thirds of Americans are now smartphone owners who use these devices to access the web!


Why is mobile-friendly web design important?

As more people use mobile devices to access the internet and purchase goods and services, Google algorithms are giving more priority to mobile-friendly websites with relevant web app content in search results!


Why do you need a social media presence?

Social media is all about building relationships and it tends to grow exponentially as your followers tell their friends—and their friends tell their friends—and so on… Self promotion is essential for success!


Why do you need responsive web design?

More people are using smaller touchscreen devices to view web pages—they prefer a clean, simple user experience (UX)—and mobile-friendly websites look great on any screen size!


We are responsive!

NATION DESIGN is a continuing education company that uses the latest technology to build website apps + MUCH MORE!

We build mobile-friendly websites for YOU

Image is everything with NATION DESIGN!

Many people want to design a mobile app to get rich. However, mobile-friendly websites can do some amazing things and they are more cost-effective. Specifically, when you add the power of social media to your brand’s creative marketing strategy which can help build organic traffic to your website! Our web design services, include:

Our branding makes a difference!

We enjoy working with small business + STARTUPS!

NATION DESIGN provides timely, cost effective marketing and design solutions for associations and nonprofits in the Washington, DC area + NATIONWIDE!

BRETT NATION served as a Board member of the Art Directors Club of Metropolitan Washington (ADCMW). Brett Nation is also the Creative director of Nation Design LLC located in sunny North Carolina.


MHLI is proud to offer a wide variety of specialized training in all areas of military and privatized housing operations.


PHMA works hard to ensure a better quality-of-life for Service members and their families around the world.

We create logos to enhance your brand!

NATION DESIGN clientele have won 50+ awards of excellence for visual communications.

NATION DESIGN places strong emphasis on teamwork because we know effective branding and creative marketing go far beyond a custom logo design.

BRETT NATION can help you take your concepts and ideas to the next level!

We create timeless designs for print media

NATION DESIGN is dedicated to excellence in typography and design!

I have been blessed to work with some amazingly talented people during my professional career. Working together, our creative design solutions often receive national and international recognition. NATION DESIGN LLC was extremely honored to win a 2008 APEX GRAND AWARD for our special publication: ‘LOCO CACTI’ Ariocarpus, Astrophytum & Friends!


Keep it simple with NATION DESIGN

No project is too BIG or small for NATION DESIGN!

BRETT NATION can assist and advise you on all aspects of your next project from concept—to web design, digital media and web hosting—and BEYOND!

One page websites created with Bootstrap can be extremely cost-effective for small businesses and startups!

Want to write a blog? WordPress is the ideal for anyone who needs Content Management Systems (CMS).

We build custom website designs using HTML5 + CSS3 for associations, corporations and small business, too!

We design custom logos (vector graphics) which can be used to promote your brand everywhere.

We create digital artwork for social media, cover designs, eBooks, ePubs + SO MUCH MORE!

Are you ready to launch your website?

NATION DESIGN provides great savings on web hosting services!

NATION DESIGN can provide you with domain registrations, web hosting and online security (SSL) to get your website up and running fast. Worry less with state-of-the-art Web hosting services and FREE tech support!


Let’s do some work together!

Our customer service is out-of-this-world!

NATION DESIGN provides fast, friendly service using proven methods and techniques to create design solutions that work. We’re proud to offer you competitive flat rate fees and hourly rates, including special discounts for Service members, nonprofits and startups + MORE!

BRETT NATION provides cost-effective marketing and design solutions without cutting any creative corners!

NATION DESIGN appreciates your business and we’re proud to serve YOU!

Wish you were here!

NATION DESIGN treats our clients like friends.

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PAYMENT METHODS: We understand your budget concerns and we offer time payment options. We accept major credit cards, company checks + PayPal!

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Thank you for choosing NATION DESIGN as your creative partner in success. We appreciate your interest in our creative design services!


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